Terms of use

1. Introduction:

1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship with Visitors when

when using the online store, so please carefully check them out before making purchases;

1.2. This Agreement is a contract between the Company and

By the Buyer, and supersedes any prior or other agreements,

contracts and guarantees, and stipulates everything related to goods, services and

information provided through the Website. The buyer agrees

review and acknowledge this Agreement before purchasing goods or services on

The website. If the Visitor does not agree with these terms and conditions and with everything related to

goods, services and information provided through the online store, it does not

will be able to purchase products offered in the online store;

1.3. The Owner reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions.

The change of conditions will be considered valid after publication on

On the Website, and relate to transactions concluded after the date of publication;

2. Status of the online store www.fuzzzadelic.com:

2.1. The online store is the property of the Seller, and is intended for

remote sale of goods via the Internet;

2.2. The Seller reserves the right at its own discretion

to stop the sale of goods and the provision of services, as well as to regulate

access to the purchase of any goods or services, based on data on the percentage

the ratio of paid and unpaid orders, that is, if the percentage

the ratio of unpaid orders will exceed the figure of 5%. Seller

has the right to refuse to sell goods if the customer specified

incorrect or incomplete contact information;

2.3. The Seller reserves the right to change, delete or post in

online store any information about the goods. The seller can change

prices of goods and services, as well as may cease to function or

modify any or all sections of the online store in your own way

at its sole discretion and without prior notice;

2.4. To view the information about the goods from the Visitor is not required

special actions, such as registration or conclusion of a contract for

using the online store resource;

2.5. Using the online store to view information about products and

the choice of goods, as well as for placing an order is for visitors


2.6. Transactions of the online store are regulated by the Purchase and Sale Agreement on

the terms of the public offer. By paying for a self -issued in

online store order, the buyer receives the property of the ordered

goods on the terms of the Contract of sale;

2.7. The information posted in the online store is publicly available,

unless otherwise provided by these Terms and Conditions;

2.8. The online store is not responsible for the content and

reliability of the information provided by the Visitor during registration


2.9. The online store has the right to:

2.9.1. Send the Visitor by e-mail information about the development

online store;

2.9.2. Refuse to provide services in connection with the Buyer's non-fulfillment

its obligations, namely:

- timely payment of the ordered goods,

- providing reliable and correct information about yourself, which

required for placing and sending an order,

- provision of a complete list of necessary documents for the production of

refund of funds.

In addition, the Seller reserves the right to refuse to provide

services, in case of incorrect and unacceptable communication, both verbally and

in writing by the Buyer.

3. Buyer Status:

3.1. The buyer is an individual or an enterprise, independently

who placed an order on the online store's resource, on the terms of a public

online store offers;

3.2. The fact of payment by the Visitor for a self-issued

the online order store means that it accepts the terms of the public offer

online store, gives the Visitor the status of a buyer and is equivalent to

conclusion of a purchase and sale Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer on

the terms of this offer;

3.3. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided when

when ordering information and its purity from third-party claims.

4. The order of registration, payment and execution of the order:

4.1. To place an order in the online store, the Visitor provides about

personal information: Last name, First name, email address, phone number,

details for delivery;

4.2. The Buyer's will is expressed by making

enter the relevant data into the order form in the online store and

payment by the Buyer of a self-made order;

4.3. The online store does not edit information about the Buyer;

4.4. Payment procedure, delivery time, order fulfillment period and others

essential conditions are stipulated on the pages of the online store;

5. Limited Liability:

5.1. The maximum liability of the company for any reason to

The buyer will be limited to a single and only compensation, in the amount of

paid by the Customer for the goods of the online store. The company and any of its

Partners, Dealers, Suppliers are not responsible for any indirect,

special, accidental, or consequential damage.

5.2 The online store does not bear, and under no circumstances can bear

no financial liability beyond the amounts,

received from Customers as payment for services.

6. Copyright.

6.1 The content of the Website is protected by copyright, including the attached

trademarks and other, (including, but not limited to intellectual property

property). Organization, collection, magnetic transfer, digital

transformation and other actions related to the use of materials,

as well as copying, redistributing, using or publishing

the full content or any part of the Site is prohibited.

7. Other.

This Agreement should be considered as it is published on

the website of the online store www.fuzzzadelic.com and should be applied and

be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Any actions of the Buyer,

concerning his claims must be made within 14 days after

any purchase made on the Site or the buyer forever

renounces his claims. The content of this Agreement should be

it is stated and understood in such a way that its meaning is equally equivalent for

both sides. If any part of this Agreement is recognized

incorrect or unworkable, this part should be given in

compliance with the law in such a way as to reflect the original intentions and

interests of both sides. The remaining parts must remain in full force and

action. In case of anything related to the Site or the Company,

is in conflict or contradiction with this Agreement, this Agreement

is a priority.

The visitor has read and accepts these Conditions before purchasing the goods in

online store www.fuzzzadelic.com